Teaching Music is the best way to give it back to the world. We believe that Music is about everyone and everything and that's exactly what we have to offer, Everything.

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Our Story

COUNTERPOINT INSTITUTE FOR MUSIC PERFORMANCE & QUALIFICATIONS was born out of a dream to make quality musical education more accessible to the common man. It is a place of commitment to strive for excellence in education and channelling creativity. At Counterpoint, we believe that the centre of this dream is the student. Therefore, our experienced faculty, drawing on over 18 years of artistry, pair experience with innovation, to bring to the student, a diverse and rich musical experience that will help them achieve their musical dream and realize their potential to the fullest. Today, Counterpoint has been imparting musical education to over 500 students for 10 years with this single-minded focus i.e., the holistic and well-rounded development of the student. The aim is to empower students to become effective contributors to art in the society.  



Strengthening Existing Skills

Violin Lessons

To become a quality violinist takes time and patience. Whatever comes with patience, practice and
constant efforts is always great and everlasting. This course module will aim at making you achieve
great heights in music. You will be taught music in detail with the theory (reading music using staff
notations). Now if you ask "How much time will I take to be the best violinist?", then it is a wrong
question. That is why there is no fixed duration in this module. At Counterpoint the faculty will
guide and support you through every moment of sweat, toil, blood and patience that you put in to
evolve into a highly creative and competent musician and violinist. To be fluent with the strings
requires a high level of focus and commitment. The levels shown by the students shall be reflected
by our highly supportive and encouraging faculty. The aim of making an expressive artiste out of
the average person is what we strive towards here at Counterpoint. The curriculum comprising of
not just music theory and instrumental essentials but also artistic aspects such as ear training and
song writing as well as music history to help the student draw inspiration from is one that makes a
quality violinist out of the guy on the street. Come to Counterpoint and let us help you achieve the
levels you dream of.


Voice Lessons

The human voice is a detailed mechanism that is a mystery to most, including singers.
Counterpoint gives you an expert understanding of vocal anatomy and function so that you can
confidently sing with the healthiest and most effective techniques. We aim to create technically
sound and melodious singers out of the average Joe walking through our doors. Our experienced
faculty is strongly guided by the ethos of giving heart and soul to the student and adheres to it very
firmly. From guiding our students about the rules and restrictions to be followed yet encouraging
them to be creatively bold, the faculty aims to help the student become a vocalist well-versed in the
art. The best vocalists have said that technique is the basis of every pursuit. For a vocalist whose
body given by nature is his instrument, sound technique is an absolute must which our curriculum
and course work focus upon extensively. Whether you want to rule the stage in front of thousands,
reach the same standards as your idols or make the leap from bathroom crooner to quality singer,
we at Counterpoint take it upon ourselves to make sure you reach your desired goals and

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Guitar Lessons

To have a successful career in music, guitar players must be versatile artists equipped with the
skills and creativity needed to pave their own paths in a competitive field. Counterpoint, is taking a
fresh approach towards string performance training—one that exposes you to a wide range of
styles and techniques. With training in both music theory and practical training on the instrument,
the aim is to create competent musicians capable of expressing themselves through the instrument
artistically and creatively. To master the six-string requires great skill achievable only through great
patience and work as well as the right guidance. That is the guidance Counterpoint brings to its
students. We shall work with you to develop all the requisite aspects to become a proficient guitar
player. The curriculum is devised keeping this in mind and the course work makes sure the student
works on the same. While guitar playing is a niche and requires one to adhere to the norms of
music, a great guitarist is one who not only plays music by the rules but who uses his fretboard as
his canvas and does not hesitate to be adventurous to create his masterpiece. We aim at creating
not just technically sound guitarists but artistically inclined and creative musicians. After all the
person playing the strings is what makes good music, not the strings themselves. At Counterpoint
we aim at helping the students discover their inner musician and artiste. For the best guitarists are
those who control the guitar but the truest guitarists are those who are controlled by the guitar. So,
catch your muse, play a guitar – and may inspiration be with you!

Guitar Playing

Piano Lessons

At Counterpoint, we train pianists to think creatively. We will encourage you to find your artistic

identity as a performer, developing your technique to become a well-rounded and imaginative

musician. We believe in bringing out the best in our students and strive towards this very goal.

Enabling our students to weave their magic on the black and white is an aim we are fully dedicated

to. The dedication and perseverance of the student will be matched by the teacher whole-heartedly.

To enable our students to fulfil their complete potential and reach their desired artistic goals our

carefully devised and diverse curriculum emphasizes on achieving thoroughness in both music

theory and the practical aspects of piano playing as well as becoming a creative and thoughtful

artiste. With the course ranging from detailed music theory to ear training to lessons advanced

song writing, we make our students into thorough and proficient musicians from average music

enthusiasts. So come forth, and let us join you on your journey to become a master of the black

and white. For your keys are not just black and white pieces that produce sound when struck, they

are your medium of expressing the truest musings of your soul.

Piano Lesson

Music Theory

The distinction between an average musician and a competent musician is in the technicalities. No matter the instrument, without understanding music theory, one’s grasp shall always remain incomplete. A well-rounded musician is one who has a thorough command of the theoretical aspects of music as well as instrumental expertise. At Counterpoint, we regard the knowledge of music theory as the corner stone of musical education. This firm belief is reflected in the course curriculum and methods of teaching, be it any instrument. We equip our students with a comprehensive grasp of musical theory. All examinations the students appear for, have a separate theory and practical component so as to assess the holistic musical development of the student. To pursue a career in music requires not only artistic ability but an aptitude for the finer nuances of music theory. We therefore aim to instill in our students, along with instrumental competence an understanding of musical theory and also an understanding of why music theory is necessary. For each instrument, therefore, the curriculum widely covers music theory along with practice. Our faculty aims at making music theory a fun and interesting experience for the students so that it is not only learnt but fully appreciated.




Varun sir is a wonderful teacher and a mentor, he connects with the students and makes sure the student is learning not just the instrument but music. I have had a sublime experience and have started to develop such a tremendous amount of interest. Immensely appreciable work. Would highly recommend.



Students wishing to pursue a Music Major at Counterpoint must Audition/Interview on a primary Instrument and same goes for the Voice lessons. Once a student clears the audition/Interview the Faculties will arrange for online orientation. Incase the Student fails to clear the Audition he/she can re-appear after 30 days .

Parents will also have to go through an Interview and then a Counseling session over a phone call or live video call in order to confirm the admission process for their children. 

Open for all admissions are only allowed for students applying for Music Theory course.


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